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what am i gonna be for halloween???? an emotional wreck probably

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Here’s the thing I learned about death: After you experience death, the kind of death where everyone is thinking of you for two weeks and then they go on with their lives (as they should), you’re still sitting there wondering what the hell just happened and if it’s really real. The kind of death where you suddenly have to readjust your life, your present and your future and live a new life of “normal.” The kind where there’s one less person there. The kind where one of the few people you truly loved and trusted in the world is just gone. This kind of death will show you true heartbreak.

Macabre Macomber


He killed him. It was that easy. Or should we say she. Coz it was really she who pulled the trigger.

He’s dead now; that’s been established. 

It’s just how the two of them did it that amazes me.

How’d you do it, Ernest?

(And it’s forty-eight to go.)

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